Minutes – Mar 2022

Officers: President:  Jason Rochel (2023), Vice President:  Joey Gaffney (2022), Secretary:  Kylie McNutt (2023), Treasurer:  Katrina Harvey (2022)

Board of Directors:  Doug Kromrey, Kevin McNutt, Jeff Kruse, Frank Sommerfeldt    

Trail Bosses:  Joey Gaffney, Jason Rochel                                  

Council Reps:  Joey Gaffney


*Meeting called to order on 3/8/22, 7:00 pm at McKenzie Lanes by Jason.

Secretary’s report: 

  • Approved as read by Kylie.

Treasurer’s report:

  • Account moved to MidwestOne.  RCU account closed and funds moved to MidwestOne.


  • No updates.

Council Report:

  • Council is applying for a grant to transport and place the bridge.
  • About 92,000+ trail passes sold in WI in 2021!
  • Groomer banquet donations.
  • Groomer banquet is March 24 at the Brow Tine.

Trail Bosses Report

  • Planning to take out trail signs on April 9 if weather permits.  Meet at McKenzie’s at 9:00.  Lunch to follow.  Club will buy lunch for anyone that helps.  Alternative date 4/16.

Old Business:

  • Found the bylaws, both a partial hard copy and the electronic copy on a flash drive.
  • Club bought 20 gift cards ($30 each) from McKenzie’s to give to landowners.
  • Club donated 10X $20 ($200 total) for the groomer’s banquet raffle.

New Business:

  • Raffle tickets.  Got 125 raffle tickets to be sold.  Drawing will be at our next club meeting on April 12 at McKenzie’s

Fund Raising:

  • Raffle tickets.  Got tickets.  First prize $500 cash, 2nd & 3rd place are Polaris gear bags, 4th place Polaris Northstar 30 qt cooler.

Social Committee:

  • No updates.

Next Meeting: April 12, 2022 at 7:00pm at McKenzie Lanes in Centuria.  No meetings May-August.  The following meeting will be September 13, 2022 at 7:00pm at McKenzie Lanes.

*Motion to adjourn passed at 7:35pm

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