Minutes – Feb 2022

Officers:   President: Jason Rochel (2023), Vice President: Joey Gaffney (2022), Secretary: Kylie McNutt (2023), Treasurer: Katrina Harvey (2022)

Board of Directors:  Doug Kromrey, Jeff Kruse, Kevin McNutt, Frank Sommerfeldt

Centuria Trail Bosses:  Joey Gaffney, Jason Rochel

Council Rep:  Jake Weiderin, Douglas Kromrey


*Meeting called to order on 2/8/22, 7:00 pm at McKenzie Lanes by Jason. 

Secretary’s report:  

  • Approved as read by Kylie.

Treasurer’s report

  • Katrina was not in attendance.
  • Summary of Frank’s progress establishing new bank account at MidwestOne.  Account created, checks & debit card on order.  Once we have those, the account at RCU will be closed and those funds moved to the MidwestOne account.  Frank and Katrina will have access to the new account.


  • Website is live, about 80% done, still working on a few things.  Some pictures now posted.  Referencing other nearby club websites for ideas and information.

Council Report:

  • Bridge is ours if we want it.  It will need to be transported, installed, gravel fill, etc.  Council requesting that we get a 5-year easement before it gets installed.
  • Groomer banquet is March 24 at the Brow Tine. 
  • Frederic club has a new warming shelter at intersection #31 on the map.
  • Osceola club shelter ride planned for 3/12.

Trail Bosses Report:  

  • No updates.

Old Business: 

  • Post cards.  Doug looking to make up post cards for landowner notification of trail signing, removal, etc.
  • Website.  Frank still working on it.  Good progress.  Still need to find a copy of the club by-laws.

New Business: 

  • Gift cards for landowners.  Motion made by Kevin, seconded by Kylie to purchase 20 gift cards for $30 each to McKenzie Lanes.  Motion passed.  If any extra gift cards, we will donate them to the Groomer’s Banquet.
  • Groomer’s Banquet.  Motion made by Doug, seconded by Joey to get 10 x $20 bills ($200 total) to donate to the drawing at the banquet.  Motion passed.
  • Plan to do a 50/50 drawing at the Groomer’s Banquet with decks of cards.
  • Warming shed.  We should plan to do something with this in the future to rebuild it.

Fund Raising: 

  • Raffle tickets.  Doug getting proof this week, then plan to print.  100 tickets to be sold for $20 each.  First prize $500 cash, 2nd & 3rd place are Polaris gear bags, 4th place Polaris Northstar 30 qt cooler.
  • Jason said Complete Automotive willing to donate.  Plan to ask for 5x “free oil change” cards that can be donated at the Groomer’s Banquet.

Social Committee:

  • No updates.

Next Meeting: March 8, 2022 at 7:00pm at McKenzie Lanes in Centuria.

*Motion to adjourn passed at 8:00pm 

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