Minutes – Apr 2022

Officers:   President:  Jason Rochel (2023), Vice President:  Open (to be elected in Sept), Secretary:  Kylie McNutt (2023), Treasurer:  Frank Sommerfeldt (2024)

Board of Directors:  Doug Kromrey, Kevin McNutt, Jeff Kruze          

Trail Bosses:  Joey Gaffney, Jason Rochel                                  

Council Reps:  Joey Gaffney


*Meeting called to order on 4/12/22, 7:30 pm at McKenzie Lanes by Jason.

Secretary’s report: 

  • Kyle was absent.  Approved as read by Kevin.

Treasurer’s report:

  • March expenses for landowner gift cards, groomer banquet donations, printing raffle tickets, and fee for state of WI documents.


  • No updates.

Council Report:

  • No word yet on when bridge might be installed on KAOS trail section east of Centuria.  Probably this summer sometime.
  • Groomer banquet was a great success.  Good turnout.  KAOS members helped hand out door prizes.

Trail Bosses Report

  • Couldn’t pull signs on 4/9 due to wet ground.  Planning to take out trail signs now on April 16 if weather permits.  Meet at McKenzie’s at 9:00.  Lunch to follow.  Club will buy lunch for anyone that helps.

Old Business:

  • None.

New Business:

  • Bylaws.  Proposal made to update our bylaws.  A draft proposal was provided for review by the club members.  A few primary objectives to the changes:
    • Clarification on the purpose of the club as a non-profit to get snowmobilers involved in the recreation.
    • More formalities defining the roles and responsibilities of the club officers, board members, and other members.
    • Clarification of how many members are needed to hold meetings.
    • Change fiscal year to July 1 to June 30 so it aligns with the AWSC membership timeline.  Budget cycle will work out better so all memberships are in the fiscal year.
    • Elections to move to the April meeting so new officers will take over for the start of the season in the fall.
    • Motion was made by Jeff, seconded by Kevin.  Unanimously approved.  Motion carried to adopt the new bylaws.  Frank will post these on the website.
  • Elections.
    • With the adoption of the new bylaws, elections for Vice President and Treasurer.
    • Joey not interested in running for Vice President another term.  Due to lack of other nominations, club agreed to leave this position vacant until the September meeting.  Board is responsible for bringing forth nominations.
    • Frank Sommerfeldt was nominated for Treasurer.  No other nominations.  Unanimous vote in favor of Frank for Treasurer.  This will be a two year term from May 2022 until May 2024.

Fund Raising:

  • Raffle drawing held at end of meeting.  123 tickets sold.  Tickets were drawn for the 4 winners.  Winners were notified and club members will deliver the prizes to the winners.
  • After tonight’s raffle drawing, we are now all out of the stuff that Polaris donated about 2 years ago.  Kevin will submit another request for Polaris donations.  These were great for the club.

Social Committee:

  • No updates.

Next Meeting: April 12, 2022 at 7:00pm at McKenzie Lanes in Centuria.  No meetings May-August.  The following meeting will be September 13, 2022 at 7:00pm at McKenzie Lanes.

*Motion to adjourn passed at 8:20pm

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